2018 Foxborough Summer Institute has ended

  • $100 for 1 day
  • $150 for 2 days

Checks/Purchase orders should be made out to Foxborough Public Schools and mailed to FPS Summer Institute, 60 South Street, Foxborough, MA 02035. For questions please contact Alison Mello, Assistant Superintendent at 508-543-1675.
When registering be sure to schedule your choice of one (1) Keynote for each day that you are attending, and two (2) breakout sessions for a total of 5 hours of PD each day. Coffee, water, morning snacks and lunch are included!!!

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Meeting the Needs of all Learners (SPED/SEL) [clear filter]
Wednesday, June 27


So What About Us? Supports for students with social challenges
This presentation will describe how social supports services, including utilizing the Social Thinking® program by Michelle Garcia Winner, were developed and implemented. The session will primarily focus on High School supports, but even if you work with little ones, this will still be relevant, as you will be inspired to see how students can progress as they grow up. High-schoolers with social challenges, many diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, don’t necessarily “qualify” for traditional academic accommodations as many are quite intelligent. Yet, in looking at the complexity of the social world, especially in what is expected of them post graduation, we recognize that they require direct social instruction to meet their full potential. This session will give a brief overview of the learning needs of socially challenged children and explore successes and challenges in program development over the past several years.  From an initial lunch bunch group of 4 students, to weekly social skill instruction groups, to a specialized program with social support classes that run daily. Come learn how you can implement and offer social supports for your kiddos!


Wednesday June 27, 2018 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Room 115
Thursday, June 28


Art Therapy 101-what does all this coloring stuff have to do with learning?
You’ve seen coloring books everywhere over the past few years. So what’s the big deal? How does this really impact the brain and learning. Can art and being creative really make a difference? And how do I tell my principal that allowing my students to color could actually improve test scores! (…or improve their overall well being…depends on which you think is more important!) Come learn about Art therapy and how you can implement some simple creative activities in your classrooms even if you don’t consider yourself an artist! And best part is we will spend some time coloring our own Mandalas! Because your overall well being is important too!


Thursday June 28, 2018 9:15am - 11:15am
Room 115


Alleviating Anxiety in the Classroom through Respect for the Individual
The emotional health of our students greatly affects other areas of their lives, including learning.  Therefore, it is essential that as educators we develop effective strategies for supporting the social and emotional learning (SEL) of our students. For this session, our goal will be to develop better understanding of our students that leads to changes in our approach.  Rather than focus on undesired behaviors, we will consider possible triggers, establish clear and reasonable expectations that recognize and appreciate student strengths, and strategize ways to improve communication and planned structure.  

avatar for Holly Geffers

Holly Geffers

English Teacher, Foxborough Public Schools
I love to read, run, bake, travel, and spend time with my family. I am very interested in learning about what people.

Thursday June 28, 2018 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Room 106


Top 25 Stress Busters
“Well, when I decided to be an educator, I had no idea I’d be expected to help kids manage their stress!” Sound familiar? Need ideas to help your kiddos? Have students who blank on tests, end up in tears in class, can’t focus because they didn’t sleep the night before? Not sure where to start? This session will briefly review how stress impacts our brain. You will be taught ways to explain brain chemistry to kids so they can understand what’s going on inside of them, why their “thinking” brain shuts off when their “emotional” brain goes haywire. We will then dive in to over 25 simple techniques that you can use in your classes immediately to help students build their coping skills. We will try some out and rate your own stress level before and after so you can see the instant impact. Some student examples will be presented.


Thursday June 28, 2018 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Room 115


Transition Assessment: Getting to Know You
Transition Assessment is an ongoing process of determining a student's needs, preferences, and interests as they relate to the demands of current and future settings, such as work, home, school, and social environments. Results of the Transition Assessment are incorporated into the IEP and Transition Planning Form (TPF) as a blueprint toward meeting future goals.The goal of the session is to build the capacity of your system to conduct and utilize effective transition assessments. Specific assessment tools will be presented to support the District in expanding their toolkit to further customize the assessment process.

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Elena Varney

Transition Coordinator, King Philip Regional School District
Hi, I am a Transition Coordinator within Special Education at the secondary level. My passion is to support districts to develop their programming, services, and resources to help students move toward their postsecondary visions. Some of my areas of focus include: transition program... Read More →

Thursday June 28, 2018 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Room 117